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Is She Cheating on You?

Many men are haunted by a very tough question: Is she cheating on me? What are the signs of a cheating girlfriend?

If you are involved in a relationship very seriously while your girlfriend is fooling around, life can become extremely hard. It not only causes you mental stress but impacts all aspects of your life. You might find it hard to concentrate at work and it might lead to depression pretty fast.

It is very important to understand the signs of cheating girlfriend as early as possible. You have to know if there is any base for your suspicious. We will mention 20 most common signs of a cheating girlfriend. Through these signs, you will know if it is OK to suspect your girlfriend cheating on you.

These signs are displayed by majority of women who start cheating in their relationship. If your girlfriend displays one or a few of these signs, it might not be for sure that she is cheating. However, it may lead to some chance of cheating. But if your girlfriend displays most of these signs, there is a good chance that she is cheating.

1) Spending too much time on the phone
In 95% cases girlfriends tend to cheat through their cell phone. Even if she is meeting someone in real life every day, there will always be traces of it on her phone. Therefore, if you feel she is spending too much time on the phone, it might be something to worry about.

2) Talking Less to You
When your girlfriend or your wife has someone else in her life, she might find it less interesting to talk to you. Most probably she shares everything with the other person already. So there wouldn’t be much to talk about when she is with you.

3) Avoiding Questions
If someone is cheating, they usually avoid questions at times. For example, if she was late from office on any particular day and you question her, she might just shrug it off or avoid the question completely. This is a serious sign of cheating.

4) Lying
If you catch your girlfriend lying about even the minor things, it is probably that she could be lying about the big things too. Cheating might happen to be one of them.

5) Too Happy or Too Sad
If your significant other seems too happy or too sad consistently as compared to her earlier behavior, it might be that something important is happening in her life. Cheating could be a pretty possible explanation.

6) Change of Subject
If you mention some particular name, does your girlfriend often ends up changing the subject? She might act as if she is ignorant and doesn’t really know the person even after she spent time with him. If that is so, it is a very good chance that she is cheating.

7) She is too Busy
If she has started being busy too often, she might be cheating. If you notice that lately there have been gaps where she was unavailable and she cannot explain why, she might be involved with someone else. This is especially true if earlier she used to be always available for you, but now she does not have much time at all.

8) Excuses to Leave
Does she find excuses to go away now and then? For example, her friend might need her for an unexplained emergency. Or probably she would say that she got an urgent call from the office?
If that is the case, it is highly likely she has someone on the side.

9) Call Waiting
If your girl has her phone on call waiting for most of the time you call her, it is a very suspicious thing. Try asking her who she was talking to and check for her response. If call waiting happens once or twice, it is totally understandable. However, when it starts to become a regular occurrence, you should be worried.

10) Less Interested in Intimacy
If you are being intimate with your girlfriend and she avoids it or tries to find a distraction, it is a good chance that she is cheating on you. If that happens repeatedly, you really need to worry.

11) She is Attractive
If your girlfriend is very attractive, there would be a lot of guys hitting on her. It is a good chance that she might not turn one of them down. In Russian language there is a wise saying – Beautiful wife is someone else’s wife, which means that the more attractive your girlfriend is, the more chances she will be cheating on you.

12) Dressing Style
Has her dressing style changed recently? Is she trying to be more provocative on purpose in her dressing? Or probably her sense of fashion has awakened lately due to some unknown reason?
She could just be doing it to please somebody… and as you have guessed correctly – that somebody might not be you.

13) Depressed Behaviour
If she is depressed lately for no apparent reason and yet seems to love you the same, it is possible that she might have cheated and feels guilty about it.

14) No Eye Contact
It is a known fact that people who avoid eye contact are generally the people who are hiding something. Therefore, if your girlfriend has lately started avoiding eye contact with you, she probably did something bad and feels guilty about it.

15) Over Pampering
If, out of nowhere, your girlfriend starts suddenly to care for you way more than she used to she might have done something terrible and she is trying to make up for it. If she feels guilty about her cheating, she will overcompensate it by trying to please you to any extent.

16) Private Account
If your girlfriend is keeping her social accounts private from you, she might be doing it on purpose. She must be having something to hide and she is hiding it well.

17) New Friends
If your girlfriend has made some new friends out of nowhere and is spending too much time with them, it is very suspicious activity. She might not be with them at all. Or probably she is involved with someone among them.

18) Multiple Accounts
If your girlfriend has more than one account on the same social media platform, she might be using the other account for some fishy activities. Always keep an eye on such things.

19) Partying
If your girlfriend has started partying way too much lately, and you don’t have any idea where she goes and what she does, she is probably cheating on you. If she doesn’t care about hiding it much you should really be worried.

20) Excluding you from the social circle
If you aren’t allowed to be a part of your girlfriend’s social circle, it is really weird. If she feels that you should not meet her friend or go out with her when she is with them, she is lying to you about something.

These are just initial signs of a cheating girlfriend to start with. But as we all know – suspicion without evidence does not form the truth. To have peace of mind you need to make sure that she is indeed cheating, which is not so easy to reveal in many cases and sometimes extremely difficult to find out.

We at Odessa 007 Detective Agency can reveal the truth by finding evidence if your girlfriend is faithful with you or not. Especially it will be convenient if you live abroad and your girlfriend lives in Ukraine. Feel free to contact us anytime with details of your case.