Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
Outstanding people and companies have one thing in common:
Absolute sense of aim and mission
-- Zig Ziglar

Aim and Mission

Starting Odessa 007 Detective Agency back in 1999 main mission and aim of founders was and continues through all these years up to this day to provide professional investigative services based on decades of expertise and dedication to detective work.

Unfortunately many people have worries and suspicions that bombard them every day which makes their lives a real disaster, so by the end of each day there is only disappointment, grief and wish to stop the time at that moment. The only way to remove those myriads of obstacles on the road to happiness and tranquility is to get rid of worries and suspicions once and for all.

Our primary aim and mission is to outsource most of your biggest worries and problems to us. We will find evidence and proof to make your life and each coming day easy, happy, full of satisfaction and bliss.

Aim of our anti scam department is to educate and help as many of you as we can to find happiness which you are looking for in life. We are absolutely sure that by spreading the word to everyone about online dating scam will eventually make those online dating agencies work as they are supposed to work from the very beginning – i.e. connecting people together without any scam whatsoever!

Until that happens, on this certainly not easy challenging journey we will be happy to guide and coach you making sure that as little mistakes as possible will be made on this long way. You can think: What mistakes? I do not want to make any mistakes, but as wise saying goes – Only those who make no mistakes seldom make anything else.

To accomplish our mission we will be constantly adding more and more valuable information, articles and resources to this Web site that will help you understand how online dating sites work. Once you have at least basic understanding of principles those online Web sites use to rip off hundreds of thousands of men every day – it will be much harder for those dishonest bastards to scam you.

By reading and analyzing undoubtedly valuable information we will be gathering on our Web site we will reach our aim ensuring you will be spending less of your hard earned money on scams, eventually in best case those scammers will not earn a single cent from you.

Our individual consultations will eliminate absolutely all attempts to scam you in any way, saving you thousands of USD or EUR – Guaranteed!

Ultimate aim and mission of Odessa 007 Detective Agency lies in our sincere belief that life should and most importantly – can be filled with peace of mind, laughter and happiness making each day a really magical experience.