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Nikolaev Romance Tour Experience – Part 1

Our client Oliver was scammed on a Romance Tour to Nikolaev in 2016. He has spent a bit more than 10,000 US Dollars in 12 days and got nothing in return! Now he wants to share his story with everyone…

My name is Oliver. I was born in 1971. After 8 miserable years of marriage I got finally divorced in 2013 and moved from New Jersey back to Chicago where I grew up. Finally after 2 crazy years of settling in Illinois I started to think about starting relationship, but this time I wanted a really happy marriage, not like the one I had all those 8 years! I was witnessing almost every day how happy my best friend was who married a woman from Philippines a long time ago and sincerely wanted to finally have a happy family.

By browsing through Internet I was amazed at how beautiful were Russian and especially Ukrainian women. I registered on several Web sites and started to communicate with women from Berdyansk, Kiev and Sumy. All those women seemed to be very nice and genuine. I wanted to visit Olga in Sumy, so we have finally scheduled my trip to Ukraine after several months of online communication. Just before I had to buy airline tickets to Ukraine, Olga wrote me email that her smartphone was stolen and she was very depressed. I told her that I will buy a smartphone and will bring it with me to her as a gidt, but she wanted a new phone ASAP, so I sent her 700 USD by Western Union… and never heard from her ever again. Thanks God I haven’t paid for airline tickets at that moment and haven’t booked any hotel in Sumy!

I was not satisfied with such scam from Olga and decided not to spend any time on dating Web sites, but several months after I saw an advertisement of romantic tours to Ukraine. I browsed through their Web site and saw videos of many men from all over the world who happily married really gorgeous Ukrainian ladies. I called a US toll free number that was advertised and spoke to their representative on the phone for more than an hour. He carefully listened to my story how I was scammed and that I spent on chats through dating sites more than 2000 USD in previous months.

Somehow he convinced me that the best solution in my case would be to come to Ukraine and meet more than 100 girls that really want to marry a foreign man and move to the US. In that way I would be able to see those ladies with my own eyes face to face and choose the one I like most to start a happy relationship. That man sounded so convincing that I paid 500 USD deposit straight away which was needed to reserve a place in a group for romantic tour that would take place next year. The rest 4500 USD I paid in 6 equal installments by February 2016 for tour that would start in March 2016.

I must admit that back in 2016 I was 45 years old, still was naive and thought that indeed by meeting ladies in person cannot be scam at all. I believed those ladies all wanted to get married and live a good life in the US or in some other well developed country with lots of opportunities. Odessa 007 Detective manager later explained that I was caught like a fish in the net by these scammers, so let’s move on with the story

More about it in part 2 of my story…