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Nikolaev Romance Tour Experience – Part 4

As someone wisely noted: all good things must come to an end… It was time to return from a city with so many beautiful girls back to Chicago.

On the way back from Nikolaev to Odessa I was again offered an individual transfer by the same old Opel for 150 US Dollars. Most of men from our group were taken back to Odessa by a larger Mercedes Sprinter van 3 days before my departure. Actually 4 other men stayed longer in Nikolaev like I did to match the best fare for airline tickets. They were also offered individual transfer between Nikolaev and Odessa for 150 US Dollars per each trip and nobody reimbursed them anything for the group transfer that they did not need and which was actually included in tour rate. Driver was supposed to pick me up at 13:30, but showed up 20 minutes later for some reason. I couldn’t figure out why driver was late as he did not speak a word in English with the only exception of Hello and Airport.

On the way back to Odessa we had a small accident with flat tire. Driver was very slow in changing it as if I had all the time in the world. He made me mad when he was moving around a car with a new tire like a sloth. Finally, because I did not want to miss my flight, I had to help him and actually had done half of the work required to change that damned tire myself. Thanks God we made it to Odessa airport just 1 hour and 20 minutes before actual departure. I was the last person to check in for the flight! Thankfully, I arrived to Warsaw on time and spent only 3 hours waiting in Warsaw for connecting flight to Chicago. It appeared because of bad weather and frequent turbulence on the way back to Chicago the flight was not very pleasant most of the time. Thanks God I finally arrived back home all right… but was extremely tired.

Nevertheless, I was very happy and thought that I had finally made the only correct decision by going on that romance tour to Nikolaev. After all, I had a perfect choice of gorgeous ladies I liked so much to choose from. My happiness and excitement did not last for long though!

After having slept for almost 3 days, I wrote to 4 ladies with whom I met in WhatsApp. Even though my messages were read by all of them, there was no any reply within the next 5 days! I tried to call several times a lady that spoke some English and somehow did not have any smartphone, but her phone was switched off all the time. I wrote more and more messages in WhatsApp and kept on calling those numbers, but nobody ever replied. A week later I received only one reply from Marina – that same lady who allowed me to kiss her during my last evening in Nikolaev.

Marina wrote that she chose to communicate with another man from our group, but refused to tell me by all means who that lucky man was. Also Marina asked me not to bother her and thanked for SPA gift certificate. After writing more messages to other ladies I noticed that 2 phones were switched off most of the time and another 2 ladies were just ignoring my messages and calls. Only after a week the girl I liked the most – Marina replied in WhatsApp that she was not interested in any relationships with me. Other 4 ladies whom I met in Nikolaev and went out to restaurants in the evening did not even bother to reply or answer my multiple calls and probably banned me in WhatsApp not to receive any calls or texts from me.

To be finally continued in part 5 of my story…