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Ukraine Romance Tour Investigation – Part 4

Do you want to know how much ladies are getting paid for attending meetings? Correct! Dating agency pays each lady to meet foreign men on such tours!

On the last day of his visit to Nikolaev Oliver invited a lady he liked the most to a restaurant where he paid 425 US Dollars! She allowed him to kiss her. Well, we do not know if 250 USD kiss was worth it, but we know for sure that average cashback of 250 USD was received by that lady from restaurant. Not bad taking into account that she also had a very delicious lunch.

Flowers and SPA gift vouchers were also sold at a double price by translator, which makes it 60 USD additional income in a day. These 60 USD are split 50/50 between translator and lady, so as you may calculate – in a single day minimum additional 100 USD is made by lady and translator.

But there is more to that! Flowers can be returned at the same evening to a flower shop and 50% of retail price will be returned to the lady. Same may happen with SPA gift voucher, but we think that SPA gift vouchers were fake just printed on a color printer, so as you may remember SPA gift vouchers cost 70 USD each! And we think those 70 USD were split in cash between translator and lady as well.

Finally we are getting to the most interesting part of investigation. Each lady in Nikolaev is paid by dating agency 300 USD for 4 days of meetings! About 150 USD is spent on makeup, barber and manicure during those 4 days. Sometimes ladies rent dresses for meetings to look really gorgeous.

As we wrote, each lady earns minimum 100 USD per day from restaurants, flowers and gifts, so about 500 USD of additional income in 4 days is pretty good! That is minimum as sometimes ladies use other tricks to increase the bill in restaurant to get more cashback. They do not need to cook anything during those days anyway as lady and translator are invited to restaurant in the evening where they can eat all they want. If some men stay longer in Nikolaev than 7 nights, they may invite ladies to restaurants after tour ends. So, in one week lady can make up to 1000 USD, which is a very good amount of money for Nikolaev.

When Oliver was in Nikolaev, there were 56 ladies, so total of about 17,000 USD was paid to ladies by dating agency (300 USD x 56 ladies).

Finally, how much pure income does a dating agency or a marriage agency in Nikolaev make from these scam romance tours? Answer is in conclusion to out investigation…