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“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
Smartphones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever before.
-- Daniel Goleman

Social Media Investigation

Social media investigations are commonly used as part or addition to a background check. However, it is wise to check social media these days for active monitoring or any risk assessment. In USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavian countries such investigations are common during court cases to provide information relevant to a case, to supplement evidence, establish character, support or disqualify an alibi. As a result – social media is being used more and more in custody cases, divorces, and even criminal trials.

During social media investigations we look into the social media posts, status updates, photos and conversations of an individual. We carefully search for key terms and posts relevant to the goals of your particular investigation. In most cases, we use special high powered software to search, monitor activity, and set up alerts for new posts and account creations. From there our investigator examines in details individual’s profiles and monitors activity to find necessary evidence.

For usual domestic investigation, our investigators will search for photos of your partner that support your suspicions of infidelity, or check the location data on Twitter posts to verify she or he is where they say they are. Internet messaging, Facebook messages and Twitter direct messages also indicate whether or not the individual is staying faithful.

Professional analysis of friends, replies to posts, photos posted across platforms help a lot to identify who the individual is associating with. Twitter posts might indicate whether the individual is suited and trustworthy, and a Tumblr investigation can reveal the individual’s priorities, thoughts, and intentions.

Our investigators will carefully examine photographs and posts across platforms that would indicate potential infidelity, as well as search for Tumblr posts of images or comments, reblogs, that support such behaviour. Such investigation includes searching and setting up alerts for specific terms relating to cheating and infidelity. In some cases specific marks can be set up to see if, through internet messaging services, the individual is involved in an affair or plans to betray her or his partner. In most cases such careful analysis shows the full picture without any need for further detective services.

It might seem that anyone can conduct a social media investigation.
So why should you spend money on private investigator do the job?

Our investigators have access to high-powered software that makes search much quicker and way more efficient. We have a strong understanding of ethics and behaviour of local individuals, so we know very well from where exactly to pull needed information for evidence.

In addition to everything said, we provide almost 80% of detective services to English speaking men helping investigate activity of Russian or Ukrainian speaking ladies. That means for such job excellent knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages is a must. If you are not fluent in Russian there is no way to translate what lady is saying in posted videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Feel free to contact us if you require social media investigation or a background check. We will be glad to walk you through the process making sure you understand your goals and move forward in the best way for your case.