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Why PI consultation is so important?

Suppose you know exactly which detective services are required and which results to expect. Why detective consultation is still needed?

If someone hasn’t been working in law enforcement sector – our practice shows that such person has very vague idea what initial information is needed or at least how much minimal information is enough to start any investigation. During consultation we have to gather as much information as possible about aim of detective job. By the way, our standard initial consultation is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, so there is nothing to lose anyway.

Concerning results of investigation, many clients think we are magicians, not private detectives. Some clients sincerely believe we can make things exist that in reality do not. This concerns almost any service that we offer! That is why most of the time we have to point out and explain in details to our prospective clients which particular results can be expected depending on initial information that is provided before starting investigation.

So, consultation with our manager is extremely important and in almost all cases is a must before even considering an investigation. According to our statistics, in about 50% of cases after thorough consultation our clients understand that in reality they do not require such in depth investigations that they thought of ordering before.

As we have already pointed out in other articles, in about 35% of cases there is no need even for such a simple detective service as a background check.