Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
If you seek truth you will not seek victory by dishonorable means, and if you find truth you will become invincible.
-- Epictetus


For more than two decades Odessa 007 Detective Agency has been providing its clients with the highest quality surveillance services. You can be assured that our specially trained and highly resourceful investigators are equipped for all situations. Whenever needed, we utilize high quality cameras as well as long range and even night vision cameras to facilitate the best results in all possible situations.

We professionally handle all cases and situations from single operative assignments to multiple team investigations. Superior results have earned us a superb reputation throughout our extensive client base.

What makes us exactly the right choice for the job?
Beside the internal resources we offer including investigators, electronic surveillance experts and professional surveillance detectives, we have an extensive number of contacts in every area of undercover operations. Even if your case requires some specific specialization that we lack or need more of, we will be happy to act as your investigation consultants and manage these additional professionals for you.

Surveillance assignments can be initiated after examining your case thoroughly usually within a week. Everything depends on initial information that you can provide us to begin investigation. If your case is really urgent – we will do our best to speed things up and provide you with a rough estimate in about 24 hours. However, surveillance cases are pretty complicated and in most cases require much more planning than execution.

Feel free to contact us straight away to discuss what we can do to solve your particular problem.