Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice
-- Proverbs 12:15


Advisor package is offered EXCLUSIVELY to clients that have already benefited from Diamond Consultation or Anti Scam Coaching. Usually we offer advisor package to our loyal clients who are already engaged in relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian lady to offer additional advice, hints and tips on how to proceed further on correctly.

At the moment there are just 5 people whom we consult in advisor package. To keep quality and exclusivity of such consultation service, we offer advisor package ONLY to 7 people at the same time solely at our discretion.

Price, number and duration of sessions as well as time of each session is individual in every case and is mutually agreed in advance.

Have you already benefited from our Diamond Consultation or Anti Scam Coaching?
Are you interested in further expert consultation and to have a unique chance to get instant answers or advice how to act in some stages of your relationship?
Our exclusive Advisor package will be your best option on the way to right decisions and is guaranteed to save you thousands of US Dollars or EUROs.