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“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth - not going all the way, and not starting.
-- Buddha

Cheating & Infidelity

What is probably the most painful and devastating thing that can happen in your relationship?
Right! It is infidelity.

The embarrassment, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. But much worse is not knowing if your partner or spouse is cheating on you. Even thoughts of a partner, wife or husband being unfaithful can be extremely painful and disruptive to anybody’s life.

We totally understand what in such cases people are going through. We are committed to help with cheating and infidelity issues to get exactly the proof you need. Of course you need an experienced private detective agency to get proof of infidelity or adultery so that you can move forward with life free of any worries.

Many clients are worried about confidentially. You have our complete assurance that your case will be absolutely confidential, including all the consultations (which are confidential from the very first email you send us anyway). In some cases, we are even willing to discuss your case without knowing who you are until you are completely comfortable that we can help and can be trusted.

Unfortunately practice shows that once someone seriously suspects infidelity – the majority of the such cases prove their suspicions are correct!

Whether you are the husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, you deserve to know if your partner is cheating on you. We can help get that proof, restore peace of mind and bring necessary tranquility to move on with your life. We have helped many clients from all over the world to put an end to all their fears and anxiety getting out the real truth with unbeatable proof.

At Odessa 007 our experience has taught us that the better job we do of planning out a cheating spouse or partner investigation, the more likely we are to get you the evidence needed and the less expensive it will be. Many agencies ask for a large retainer, go out and watch your spouse or partner when they have time on their hands thus getting very little accomplished. We know that a lack of adequate planning can be a big waste of time and we will always make certain that you understand and agree to what we will be doing before we begin. This process will involve you being very candid with the private investigator and giving us as much useful information as possible. Without good initial information we both lose!

We perfectly understand that the need to hire a private investigator and discuss your partner’s infidelity is a pretty difficult thing to do. In such situation it is very important to realize that you did not create this situation and no one is judging you. With that perspective in mind, you have assurance that all of our detectives are committed to using the utmost discretion and good taste in providing you with a quality investigation that is designed to give the peace of mind you will need to move forward with your life and to maintain your dignity.

Don’t be in pain any longer! You will gain complete understanding and explanation from our side of how we will go about getting all the proof of her or his infidelity.

Contact us right now and we will be happy to guide you step by step through the process.