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Prices and Fees

The first, most important and certainly the most popular question among anyone looking for private detective is:
How much would detective services cost?

At this point you must understand that unlike an off the shelf product, there isn’t and can never be such thing as a typical investigation. Each case is always absolutely unique. It is not possible just to charge a flat fee for any particular service in detective job. Each piece of our work must be tailored to every client’s personal needs, thus in every case different resources will be required.

Since detective services are not cheap in all parts of the world, please take a look at our 2 very important sections – Is Detective Needed? and How We Work? before contacting us. Over more than 2 decades of experience clearly shows that in almost 40% cases you do not need any detective services. In about 60% of cases one or more expert consultations will be needed. By diving into our statistics: in 80% of inquiries after one or more consultations when we start discussing in greater detail client’s individual case – on average about 25% of these clients will be interested in one service, which would most probably be a simple background check.

So, we are repeating here once again because it is crucial and will save enormous amount of valuable time: before contacting us for a price quote please read VERY CAREFULLYIs Detective Needed? and How We Work? sections of our Web site.

Generally speaking, prices for our services are influenced by several factors such as the type of investigation service, how long it may take to accomplish the assignment, which human as well as technical resources will be required, and most importantly – what kind of initial info you are able to provide from your side to actually start the job.

Certain services have a set fee for a minimum number of hours required to bring a successful outcome to an investigation. In some cases more working hours will be needed. Sometimes there might be a need of more than one surveillance group to be assigned for the job. Because we always take into consideration all possible extra costs that might be applicable in each case and agree them with every client at the start of any investigation, there will never be any unpleasant surprises of unexpected additional costs during investigation.

Every week we receive a couple of requests for detective services from people sincerely thinking that everything in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries costs very little and can be bought for peanuts. Here is a rough list that you would expect to pay for the most popular services we offer:

Expert consultation from 60 USD
Background check from 250 USD
People search from 500 USD
Surveillance from 400 USD
Fraud Investigation from 500 USD
Infidelity Investigation from 900 USD

If you think these prices are too high, just browse through our Blog, Wiki and FAQ sections which are absolutely free. The abovementioned prices are just an estimate for you to have an idea before contacting us. Experience shows that if someone agrees to do the job for cheaper price – with 90% probability job will not be done, or there will be extra charges which will be asked to pay before receiving final report of investigation. In fact you will then pay much more to get a job done, but in most cases assignment will not be accomplished successfully and you will be looking for another investigator to start from the very beginning.

Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to solve your individual problem professionally faster than you might even think.