Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.
― Lyman Frank Baum

Anti Scam Department

Due to great demand in helping foreign men that are scammed by ladies from Ukraine and ex-USSR countries as of 2012 to solve such scam problems we have introduced a so called anti scam department in our agency. We provide professional expert consultations on continuous basis to individuals and mostly to clients of dating and marriage agencies in Ukraine, Russia, and other CIS countries.

Idea of introduction and opening of such anti scam department back in 2012 was indeed brilliant. Just after 15 months of operation it generated 55% of all orders for services in our agency, reaching a whopping 74% of all inquiries and services offered by our agency in 2019. We are extremely proud of such tremendous achievement during 8 years of successful anti scam department’s work making Odessa 007 Detective Agency one of it’s kind not only in Ukraine, but all over CIS countries and Europe specializing professionally on anti-scam consultations and services.

Managers of anti scam department have worked many years for biggest online dating agencies and gained tremendous experience exploring and learning in depth methods of work those agencies use to suck foreign men’s hard earned cash. In reality those dating agencies as well as individuals alike provide just hope that in more than 99% cases will never be fulfilled, simply put it – dating agencies almost always will scam you.

On our Web site you will find answers to questions that you were curious about and even to those questions that sometimes do not allow you to sleep. In our Blog, Wiki and FAQ sections we answer in great details those questions that have been asked over and over again by men from all over the world. Access to all that valuable information is absolutely free, guaranteed to save you hundreds… No! We guarantee to save you thousands of US Dollars and EUROs just by reading carefully through Blog, Wiki and FAQ sections noting attentively scam methods that online dating agencies have mastered over the decades. So, delve into resources we have collected especially for you straight away.

Really interested or have already spent some time and maybe money on a girl or woman either from Ukraine, Russia or from any other CIS country? Do not or cannot understand why your relationships are stuck? Why are you not moving further on? We offer several personal consultation packages. Our professional managers will carefully examine your situation from an expert angle and will provide qualified advice individually in every case to get you moving ahead.

To those who think or maybe even plan to propose marriage to your one and only Ukrainian or Russian lovely lady, we offer all kinds of detective services such as background check, infidelity research, make a thorough anti-scam investigation including surveillance with photo and video proof to convince you almost 100% to make a truly right final step.

Feel free to contact our anti scam department for an expert consultation of your case and professional advice on how to get moving on in your relationship.