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Is Detective Needed?

We will share some very valuable information which you will NEVER read on any detective agency Web site.
Oh yes! We bet you are! 😉

Let us show how you may and most probably will get scammed by most detective agencies you will get in contact with. We will show it as an example of ordering surveillance – one of the most popular services in detective business.

Open a new window in your browser, search for any detective agency anywhere in the world and visit their Web page.
– What will be the main thing you notice on every Web page of any detective agency?
– Correct! You must order detective services! You need more information! Much more information! Right now! All the information that is possible to gather about anyone before even starting to communicate with that person or do business. If it corcerns an individual, you will be offered to book surveillance service ASAP.

We see nowadays that more and more Web sites of detective agencies are written by professional psychologists and marketing gurus. They constantly remind you through text on those pages that you must check everyone’s background, order surveillance to see if person is cheating, collect as much proof as possible. This results in spending thousands of US Dollars or EUROs needed to collect evidence and information about someone you know. But… is it worth paying for information that will be of no use or need in the future for you?

Let’s assume you got convinced by reading through those Web sites to check whether a lady you met online and have corresponded with for a couple of months has relationship with another man. So, you request several detective agencies about prices. Finally, you are granted with some special offer and you choose to deal with agency that provided the cheapest price taking into account that this detective agency also promised to collect all evidence and proof in 2 or maximum 3 days. Detectives are not magicians and as you may guess – nothing will be collected in those first 3 days and you will have to order 3 more days of surveillance. After that you will be persuaded to keep checking out that lady for another week as this time they will be sure that something interesting will come up maybe even in the next couple of days. You most probably will agree and will spend one or maybe two thousand of US Dollars or EUROs on their surveillance services and get nothing in return.

As a matter of fact, in reality if you want to check out a lady that you met online and corresponded with for a couple of weeks or even months… you should consider doing just a simple background check that usually reveals a lot of interesting information so there is no need in any further costly investigative services.

Each detective agency will be persuading on doing more and more costly investigations on any subject. From our experience in about 60% of requests regarding detective services shows that such services are not needed! Period. It is just a waste of money… your money. In many such cases just a consultation with expert is enough to open your eyes and recommend which steps to take from there on.

Detective services are not cheap anywhere in the world. You cannot just waste 1000 US Dollars or EUR on surveillance of someone you have never done video chat with nor met in person. Believe us, there are hundreds of such requests we receive every month and always explain to our clients: before meeting such lady in person at least once – the only thing that can be ordered is a simple background check. If you ask us to do surveillance and during initial consultation we find out that you never met that lady in person, well… with 95% probability we will refuse to do anything but a background check.

All detective agencies in the world will try to get your money and persuade you to order expensive investigative services ASAP, but we personally consider that as a scam. Lady you are trying to find as much as possible about may just be a scammer or a gold digger. Spending more money than just a background check at such stage just does not worth that. Trust us!

Just by the example above we showed the trick that many detective agencies use every day convincing on ordering surveillance service which is actually needed in about 20% of all cases. Same as with other investigative servicesyou have to think very carefully if that is what needed and answer that question to yourself without help from anyone else.

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