Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens
-- Jimi Hendrix


General Questions
I have never used any detective services. Where can I find out more information?
You have to browse through our Web site and make sure to read Blog and Wiki sections. This should give you understanding on how investigations are done and what to expect from detective agency.
What to do if I am not 100% sure I need detective services?
Our observations show that more than 70% of people who think about ordering detective services in fact do not need them. Please make sure you read Is Detective Needed? and How We Work pages.
Browse through other pages of our Web site including Blog and Wiki sections. Think for a couple of days or maybe weeks and feel free to contact us if you believe detective services are needed.
If I need detective investigation, from where do I start?
Everything depends on what exactly you wish to accomplish by ordering investigation. We recommend to start with a simple Background check or if you are still not sure - a more thorough consultation with our expert will help you make right decision.
Which detective services are most popular among your clients?
Backgroud check of individuals is ordered in 70% of cases followed by surveillance service, which is done in about 40% of cases. After that very popular service is checking information about companies in Ukraine.
What kind of reports will I get for accomplished work?
Depending on service ordered you get detailed report of job done in each case. We provide photo and video proof of surveillance (whenever possible), reports of data acquired during background checking assignments. In addition to this you get information on how investigation is planned to be accomplished from the very beginning.
Why do I need consultation with your manager or expert?
Any detective assignment starts with a consultation. No worries, first consultation of up to 15 minutes is absolutely free of charge. We have to understand what is needed, which information you already have and if any additional details have to be collected before starting to work on your case. Once all available information is gathered we point out solutions with prices for services or consultations.
I am interested in your services. How do I proceed?
If you are sure any detective service will be required, please send us by email at - odessadetective@yahoo.com detailed info on what exactly you want to find out. We will carefully examine your inquiry and will get back to you with possible solutions along with estimate of how much it will cost.
Prices and Fees
How much do you charge for detective services?
All cases are individual, thus it is not possible to make up a price list with exact figures. Please review Prices and Fees page in About Us section for approximate estimate of what should be expected to pay for some of our most popular services.
When do I pay for your services?
Once we come to mutual agreement of which service or services exactly will be required, prepayment of either 70% or 100% should be made before we start work on your case.
Why is prepayment needed for detective services?
First of all, any detective job requires a great deal of planning. Managers have to work closely with detectives working out detailed plan of each investigation.
After thorough planning investigative team is assigned and starts the job. A lot of time, human and technical resources will be spent on any assignment which has to be paid for.
Sometimes client may decide at the beginning of investigation that he does not need it or may decide to drop the case before even getting any results. So, we are not spending precious time as well as resources on those clients that are not serious from the very beginning.
Without prepayment only initial first consultation may be offered. As you understand - if any detective service is needed, prepayment will be made without any questions.
Are there any discounts for services and consultations?
Yes, we may offer sometimes discounts. Read more about it on Discounts page in About Us section of our Web site.
Is initial consultation free of charge?
Initial consultation which we call standard consultation is absolutely free of charge. You can read more about it on Standard Consultation page in Consultations section of our Web site.
Why do I have to pay for additional consultations?
Some problems may be solved just to open someone's eyes on the problem from an expert point of view. If this is the case we will never try to hard sell any of our services, but will offer a consultation with one of our experts.
After careful examination of your case, our expert will point out solutions that you can do from your side to solve the problem or draw a plan together with you how to behave in each particular case.
So, you will be paying for consultation and time of our expert to solve your issue.
Initial standard consultation is designed just to offer detective solutions without spending further time on your case.
Why and when do I have to pay for expert consultations?
When problem can be solved just with help of our expert without ordering detective services we ask to provide initial information about it. Then we assign the expert who will examine your information provided and we will schedule time when you will be working together on your problem.
All this requires planning and preparation as well as expert time who will be pointing out how to solve your problem.
Therefore, each consultation should be prepaid in advance.
How much time will be needed for an expert consultation?
Usually to quickly go through one case 30 minutes are enough. To dig deeper and help understand one or two cases better you will need between 1 and 2 hours of consultations which are better to divide into 2 consultation sessions.
How much do expert consultations cost?
Because our consultations are so popular we have introduced several consultation packages to satisfy everyone. Please feel free to browse through our Consultations section for more information.
We may recommend which package to choose in each individual case, but it is always only up to you which consultation package to choose and pay for.
How experienced are your experts?
Our experts have at least 10 years of experience in many fields. Once client submits information for individual consultation we will assign the most suitable expert in each particular case.
How do expert consultations take place?
We may offer to do consultations via Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber or WhatsApp. No additional software or hardware is required from your side and can be done either from smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.
Is anti-scam coaching done in a group or individually?
Anti Scam Coaching is individual because anti scam expert has to work with each client personally to identify what has been doing right or wrong and to teach how to behave and act from now on in order not to get scammed ever again.
I am interested in anti-scam coaching. How do I book it?
Simply email us anytime at - odessadetective@yahoo.com and let us know that you are interested in anti scam coaching.