Odessa 007 Detective Agency
“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
Be the change that you wish to see in the world
-- Mahatma Gandhi

About Us

In July 1997 police detective Michael Vasiliev, 27-year veteran of the Odessa criminal police department was severely wounded twice while chasing 2 criminals. After 4 months of recovery Michael could not pass endurance test to continue working as undercover detective because of slight pain in his leg after wounding and was assigned to work in central archive department of Odessa police head office.

In November 1998 Michael Vasiliev decided that it was enough for him to do all that routine paperwork and in January 1999 he became a licensed PI detective with his former partner Mr. Alex Firsov, at that time a 31-year veteran of the Odessa criminal police, who has just retired.

With more than 30 years of experience in investigations, Mr. Michael Vasiliev with Mr. Alex Firsov – 2 professional former police detectives on 1-st March 1999 found Odessa 007 Detective Agency.

Over the decades Odessa 007 Detective Agency has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies in many investigative issues that in fact saved everyone that used our services more than 5 Billion US Dollars overall during over 20 years of work!

In 2012 with tremendous rise in scam from dating agencies all over ex-USSR countries including those based in Odessa as well as in other Ukrainian cities and CIS countries after receiving over 20 inquiries each day from men all over the world – it was time to introduce a special anti scam department. Vladislav Firsov, son of founder Alex Firsov who served as cyber-police officer in Odessa with 15 years of experience joined Odessa 007 Detective Agency in 2012 and became a managing partner in 2013.

Additionally, 3 managers were hired in anti-scam department during 2012. All of these 3 men were working for 4 and 5 years in several leading international online dating agencies specializing in connecting men from around the world with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. They have witnessed from inside how working methods of big online dating agencies have changed during 2011 and 2012 when dating agencies refocused completely from helping people to scamming people. These 3 men came to conclusion that they would focus on helping people and educate as many as it will be possible how not to get scammed and find true relationships that many people dream about… or at least relationships without scam.

We have carefully outlined the abovementioned goals in our Aim and Mission and our anti scam department began an interesting journey towards helping and educating single foreign men what they should do and must be aware of on their fascinating way to happy relationships.

In all our work we are always dedicated to creativity by solving cases using creative, ingenious methods. Our clients often marvel at the wealth and quality of information we are able to obtain. As known, all services offered by detective agency such as surveillance, missing persons, undercover investigations, background checks require a unique creative approach. Our investigators can obtain the facts needed to solve almost any case.