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Do German men have a chance to marry Ukrainian or Slavic lady?

Men of different age from Germany and Austria ask us one same question for years:
Why is it so difficult to understand Ukrainian or Slavic ladies for Germans and Austrians?

It is indeed a really interesting question. Many of those men will be surprised to find that answer is very simple and clear! Nevertheless, for many German and Austrian men that answer is extremely difficult to understand. Knowing the answer to that question, we decided to do some investigation of the subject and found roots of the so called problem. Not to get into much details, here is a brief explanation of why it is difficult to build happy relationship between a Slavic or Ukrainian lady and a German or Austrian man.

Not a secret that no one tucks away their hard-earned euros quite like a German does. Swabians in particular are famously thrifty all over the world. Not a secret to anyone, that Germans have a reputation of thrifty people, committed to squirreling away every cent in all times – no matter if they are good or bad.

The idea — rooted deep in the Enlightenment — that a responsible, moral person should put money aside to take care of himself and his family as part of the common good of society was seeded in German national consciousness in the early 1800s – that’s right, more than 200 years ago!

Actually such saving habit is not an accident. It reveals that over 200 years, banks and government advertising have relentlessly emphasized the importance of putting away money as an insurance for the future, laying the foundations for a seemingly unquestioning habit that became ingrained in the national psyche. With messages ranging from the upbeat to ominous, people were urged to prepare for that rainy day, to buy bonds to help the war effort, and to buy bonds to help rebuild the country after two World Wars.

Taking all that into consideration we can easily answer our question:
Women in Ukraine and all other CIS countries think of Germans as of VERY GREEDY people.
It is an excellent idea to save money if something goes wrong and to have earnings if black day strikes. But Ukrainian and Slavic ladies, especially if they are young, want to live an interesting life of adventure, not saving every penny and eat bread with tea for lunch. It is rooted in Ukrainian and Russian upbringing from childhood that savings are good, but life passes by fast and you should take if not everything from life, at least to reap some joys before you are too old and do not have ability to enjoy.

Many Germans and Austrians save money all the time for pension hoping that when they are finally retired all doors will open for them including travelling around the world, fancy restaurants, luxury cars, villas and so on. But because life is short and usually unpredictable, it might happen that by time retirement is reached you may be tired of earnings in such a way that you will just not want all those fancy things. There might also be possibility that retirement age will not be reached because of some accident, disease, bad medical service and then life is just wasted.

Having said written all that, Ukrainian ladies do not want their life just to pass by waiting for retirement. They want to live now and to enjoy their life. If you had a daughter, would you want her to travel to different countries, eat good food, enjoy driving a good car, afford nice clothes, visit movies, trade shows, meeting interesting people at conventions… or would you want her to live all her life with a guy that saves money all the time hoping that by retirement they would travel on a cruise ship around the world and live in a good house next to the ocean in their 70s or 80s? Retirement age just seems to increase all over the world, not decrease 😉

When Ukrainian ladies who indeed want to get married to foreign men and move from Ukraine come to dating or marriage agencies they are always instructed as follows:

Consider yourself lucky if you correspond with American, Canadian or British men and everything goes more or less OK. In case you have no success in finding any relationship with men from US, Canada or UK for longer than 1 year start to consider men from Scandinavian countries. If nothing works out with men from Norway, Denmark and Sweden it is time to move on with men from France, Netherlands, Belgium and some other EU countries such as Switzerland and Ireland (very few Swiss and Irish men trust dating sites). If you are not lucky after 3 or 4 years and still want to find husband abroad, start corresponding with men from Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal. But if you are really unlucky then try to correspond with Austrian, German, Estonian and Finnish men as your last chance.

Ukrainian and Russian men were always considered very generous. In Russian language there is even a phrase: Russian generous soul, which is direct opposite to German thinking of saving money. Ladies in Ukraine and in most CIS countries know about that, but those who don’t yet know that Germans are saving money most of their lives and spending very little, will realize it pretty fast. And that is why relationship that has started off so well gets stuck pretty quickly.

Over last 3 years, only one Austrian and two German men attended our anti scam coaching program where we teach what is necessary to understand in relationship with Ukrainian or Slavic ladies. In our opinion many Germans give up pretty fast to find a beautiful Ukrainian wife. From our statistics Americans, British, Canadians and Australians are mostly interested in our anti scam coaching as well as in our consultations, detective and legal services. That is because men from US, UK, Canada and Australia put much more efforts in meeting an honest nice lady… of course get scammed much more in such quest and need guidance from our anti scam department.

In conclusion, if you are a German man looking for beautiful Ukrainian or Slavic wife… just keep in mind that initial chances of meeting and marrying nice lady either from Ukraine or other CIS country for you are pretty small… Of course it is absolutely wrong and there is no need to spend everything you earn each month to live happily with your Ukrainian lady! But if German men want happy relationship with beautiful Slavic ladies – they need to make a slight paradigm shift and learn how such relationships practically work out.