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Do you have a Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend?

Many foreign men call Ukrainian or Russian ladies whom they meet online as their girlfriends. In many cases they have never even met in person, but… somehow she has already become their girlfriend.

It is very funny to hear the word girlfriend in such cases. Even the word friend is not applicable here. We will not get into discussion if there may be real friendship between man and woman in this article.

The most important thing such men should understand that probablitity is about 98% that their so called girlfriend has between 10 to 50 other boyfriends with whom she corresponds on frequent basis. And about 50% probability she has a regular REAL boyfriend with whom she has sex if not every day, but at least twice a week. Of course, it is close to 98% probability if your girlfriend is between 21 and 30 years old, drops to 70% probability if she is in her thirties, and to about 35% if she is in her forties.

So, if you start to call girlfriend someone you have met online and comminucated with for a month – you should know how funny it sounds. Surely, your so called girlfriend is having lots of fun and laughter when you call her that word – a girlfriend.

The only advice that can be given in such situation is never to call a girlfriend someone you have never met, or have met and invited to a restaurant with translator. It is considered that you become a boyfriend only after spending a night with a girl, not when you meet her online.

Especially for those men who think they have a Ukrainian or Russian girlfriend with whom they corresponded online, or met in real life, but she allows you to kiss her on the cheek (if at all allows you to kiss her) Odessa 007 Detective Agency has recently introduced anti scam coaching.

  • How to spot and find an honest Ukrainian or Russian lady?
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In our exclusive anti scam coaching we answer all those questions in great details and teach what should be done and which things should be avoided by all means.