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“Thank You God for I was blind and behold, now I can see.” - John 9:25
Thank You God for
I was blind and behold,
now I can see.
John 9:25

Do I really need PI Consultation?

Detective job or more accurately it should be called – investigative job always starts with consultation. In many cases – more than one consultation… and sometimes – several consultations will be required.

Over the years of our work we came up with most commonly asked questions that we did our best to publish briefly in our FAQ section and in more details can be read in BLOG section. This information isABSOLUTELY FREE to explore and you will find enormous amount of rare free information just by reading through our Web site.

Believe us – more than 80% of your questions will be answered by just carefully reading through those FAQ and Blog sections. You will not even have to spend a cent… cool, huh? 😉

At this point your question would be something like: Why does a detective agency offer so much free information on their Web site?

Answer is: We receive most of these questions almost every day over and over again, so it is much easier to publish answers to these questions on our Web site for everyone to read than to spend time every day replying to emails or providing free consultations, thus spending hours answering same questions over and over like robots. With years of experience we came up that such process really takes up a lot of our valuable time… no… A HUGE AMOUNT OF OUR VALUABLE TIME that we would rather spend on doing something useful.

If after careful examination of all free resources on our Web site you will still be more than curious about your case, or maybe much more than curious if your long term relationship that you are engaged in need verification or thorough investigation and the only thing that will calm you down is real truth – then a personal PI consultation is surely needed.

By providing more free information than probably any other detective Web site you will find in existence, we have several individual consultation options ranging from a 30-minutes answers to your questions to going in real depth for 3 to 5 hours explaining and teaching how you should react and behave in various situations. However, as you may have already guessed, individual consultations are not offered for free.

Just go to our Consultation Booking page and fill in the contact form.