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Nikolaev Romance Tour Experience – Part 5

I was devastated! None of 5 ladies with whom I spent such amazing, unforgettable time in Nikolaev even wanted to communicate with me. I could not figure out what was happening!?

My translator in Nikolaev was on WhatsApp, so I called her to ask if I did something wrong during our visits to restaurants. She told me that most probably ladies chose to continue communicating with other men and thus she could not help in any way. Next, I called toll free number in US to talk with manager of that agency and ask him what was happening. He said mostly the same thing that translator told me. Manager of that dating agency mentioned that there will be another romance tour in August. Because of such undesirable outcome, they would be glad to invite me to Nikolaev again and meet other ladies with 10% discountfor ONLY 4500 US Dollars. At least I figured out I did not do anything wrong during those meetings.

So, I called 7 other men with whom I was in Nikolaev on that romance tour to find out if their connections were good or bad. All 7 men told me the same story – none of women wanted to continue any relationships with ANY of them and organizer of that event also offered all of them a 10% discount for the romance tour in August or next year.

At that time it was absolutely clear to me – I was scammed! I was scammed not by a specific girl, but by a dating agency! I spent almost 11,000 USD during those 12 days but could not understand how exactly was I scammed? Thinking for a month about everything that happened to me during those 12 days in Nikolaev I started to look for answers. I have read about scam, watched videos, but could not make a clear picture of what happened no matter how hard I tried to think it over.

On some forum I read a post by a guy like me that lived in California. He was dating a girl from Kherson for 2 years and planned to marry her. He had some suspicions, so decided to find out about more about her. He came across detective company in Odessa and was amazed by information that he found out only from a background check of that lady. It appeared that girl he dated for 2 years had in fact been married all that time. In addition to that, she even had two sons about whom she didn’t say a word to him during all those 2 years. Further investigation showed that her husband was a taxi driver that met him every time in Odessa airport and was recommended by his so called girlfriend. That guy understood immediately why his girlfriend asked for support all the time and wrote in his post on forum that she refused all the time even to kiss him before marriage.

So, I contacted Odessa 007 Detective Agency and told them my story. They briefly explained to me the scam process, but I wanted to know more information about that dating agency, ladies I was meeting, restaurants, taxis, how much profit they actually made from me and other men, and so on. I got in contact with several other men that were scammed on that romance tour to Nikolaev and we requested investigation to find answers to our questions. Investigation was done absolutely perfectly! I still cannot forgive myself for so many silly mistakes that I’ve made.

I participated in anti scam coaching from Odessa 007 that was just introduced at that time. Coaching changed my life and changed completely the way I was thinking about Ukrainian ladies. Several months after anti scam coaching with advice from Odessa 007 expert I have finally found an honest lady from Chernomorsk whom I married after a year of perfect dating. Legal department of Odessa 007 Agency helped us with all necessary paperwork we had to collect for my wife’s American fiancee visa. She had finally moved in December 2018 to my house in Naperville! We are both very happy ever since!

I know that Odessa 007 also helped some of other men with whom I was on that bloody romance tour to Nikolaev. We recently decided to ask Odessa 007 Agency to publish investigation about romance tour that we ordered and to open men’s eyes to what they should expect. Don’t allow yourself to get scammed and I sincerely wish good luck to everyone in finding nice and honest Ukrainian wives!