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Supporting lady in Ukraine or Russia

What is the average amount needed to support a lady in Ukraine or in Russia?

It is considered by some classics of Russian literature that people in Odessa like to answer question with another question 🙂
So, the answer to this question is the following:

  • How good do you want your lady to live?
  • Is she working or not?
  • Does she have any other sources of income?
  • Is she looking after her elderly parents?
  • Does she have any kids from previous marriages?
  • And we can continue this list for a long time…

In general, it is even possible to live in Ukraine for about 250 USD or 225 EUR per month for a single woman. However, it will be a so called survival life, but according to statistics – about 30% of people in Ukraine really survive.

Amount of 250 USD or 225 EUR per month should be enough to cover monthly utilities for an average apartment of about 50 square meters (550 square feet) like electricity, water supply and monthly building maintenance which is paid every month. In addition to utilities, it should also be enough for buying basic food like potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beet, beans and bread. Very unlikely that it will be possible to buy meat or dairy products except maybe milk once a week for that amount of money. It should also be enough to pay for monthly fees for cable Internet, mobile phone, TV and pay for moving around within city limits by public transport.

During winter time there will be additional payment for heating of about 40 USD or 35 EUR per month for such average apartment.

For extra 100 USD or 90 EUR per month it should be be possible to buy additionally meat and fish as well as cheese with some dairy products once a week.

So, if your lady in Ukraine or in Russia asks to support her and says she needs a minimum monthly amount of 1000 USD or 1000 EUR – either she wants to live exceptionally well, travel to some European countries once or twice a year, to collect money to buy a car, or maybe wants to sponsor a young boyfriend… which happens quite often here by women in their late thirties or forties and even in fifties 🙂

If you want to discuss your particular case and get an expert advice, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be glad to be of assistance.