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Why Fools Must Be Scammed?

What does a saying: Fools must be scammed really mean? Why should someone be scammed?

One very rich and powerful Ukrainian oligarch a couple of years ago wisely noted in one of his interviews – Fools must be scammed. Some people might think it is unfair, inhuman and even heartless… but is it?

It does not necessarily mean that if someone acts foolishly – that particular person should be scammed all the time. Of course not! But why does Ukrainian billionaire, who is certainly wiser and richer than anyone reading this article can make such unkind saying?

Wisdom under saying Fool must be scammed lies in that each of us has only 2 ways of learning something:
from other’s experience and from our own sufferings.
Clever people always try to learn from mistakes of others. After all, why would you want to make the same mistakes that someone has already made and suffer in the same manner? But fool people usually think that they know better themselves and do not listen to anyone. In this case they make same mistakes as other people and suffer as well. But one very good thing about such suffering is that by analyzing their own mistakes those fool people in fact can get wise.

Wisdom and experience costs quite a lot nowadays! Our consultations usually cost less than a lunch in your favorite restaurant, but can save thousands of US Dollars and EUROs. Our anti scam coaching costs a couple of hundreds, but will save tens of thousands. Totally up to you whether to choose a wise path and learn from mistakes that others have already made, or to remain a fool and suffer. After all, remember wise saying – Fool must be scammed 😉