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Checking Ladies from Dating and Marriage Sites

We receive 10 to 20 emails each day asking to check if specific ladies from dating Web sites are honest or scammers. Let’s see how it all works…

Usually someone starts to correspond with a lady on a dating site, spends money on texting, online video chats, maybe even some presents and at some point or another man suspects that lady may be scamming him. Or in another scenario it may happen that a man already spent lots of money on cummunicating with a lady, then he comes to Ukraine to meet her, but first date shows that he paid more than 100 EUR to translator and about 500 EUR for a lunch in a restaurant. And fairly suspects that there is some sort of scam going on.

So, this man contacts us or any other detective agency with a request to check if it was or is a scam. For example, we have been asked to check several times if Margarita from Kiev or Anastasia from Kharkov is an honest lady?

First of all we check the profile and see that Margarita is already a doctor in her 29, and Anastasia is a dentist in her 23. We should note straight away that doctors in Ukraine are doing pretty well and very unlikely doctor will post her photos on dating Web site as well as have time to correspond with foreigners. Doctors earn from 1000 USD up to 5000 USD in Ukraine monthly, so in 99% will not be searching for a husband abroad and agree to move to other country. More to that, if someone spots a doctor on dating Web site – it may be an end of that doctor’s career. So, first red flag is in occupation! We are 99% sure that Margarita nor Anastasia have never even done any injection with syringe in their entire lives 😉

Second, names Margarita as well as Anastasia are not common in Ukraine. Taking into account that 90% profiles on dating Web sites are fake, you should always observe ladies’ name. Such names as Margarita, Anastasia, Violetta, Snezhana, Inessa, Elizabeth, Roksolana, Sofia, Polina and so on – are not popular, nor commonly used in CIS countries! If you see profiles with such names – most probably they are fake. So, there is another red flag!

Usually such red flags can be easily observed from the very beginning and we would not recommend to check such profile any further. However, if someone wishes us to dig deeper and see if more information can be obtained about specific lady – it all can be done, but… not for free! Many men surprisingly think that our anti scam department will be working day and night checking hundreds of ladies and providing expert consultations and advice absolutely for free. If you are one of those lucky men who think we will be working for free, please don’t bother contacting us. In such case contact your lady again as well as other ladies on dating Web sites and prepare to pay hundreds and thousands of USD or EUR more figuring out by yourself if they are honest or scammers. Remember, fool must be scammed!

For those who want professional advice, our anti scam department will be happy to provide expert consultation and if needed – offer a background check, social media investigation or even surveillance of any lady you will be interested in (if it is worth doing of course). But in any case you should understand that for each job there is a price. Feel free to contact us and we guarantee to offer professional advice so you are not scammed any more.