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Nikolaev Romance Tour Experience – Part 3

Finally I was told that 8 out of those 14 ladies I chose liked me and would be happy to continue relationship. WOW!

To match best price for airline tickets I had to stay 3 extra days in Nikolaev. I was very pleased that I had a chance to meet more than 3 ladies as romance tour offered me. We scheduled 3 meetings for that day as well as for the next 2 days and agreed to which restaurants we would go with each lady on a date.

Translator advised to buy some gift and flowers for the so called first date because from her words it was advisable in Ukraine to present something to a lady when you go out with her for the first time. Translator proposed to arrange bouquet of red roses for 50 USD and as a present advised to offer SPA gift voucher for a whole day to each lady which cost around 70 USD. I thought that if one of those ladies happens to be my wife in the near future, 120 USD present would be nice to remember during anniversaries in the future and I could possibly make same presents every year. Translator arranged SPA gift vouchers and flowers each day and we visited 3 very nice restaurants!

However, I must admit prices in those restaurants were higher than those in Chicago although food was very delicious. In addition to this, I was a little bit surprised that translator was coming to a restaurant to work and ordered whatever she wanted from menu. Pretty unfair that I had to pay additional for the food that translator ate, but at that time I thought it maybe should have been done like that.

On the last day of the romance tour we had a dinner in the same restaurant 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel. Organizers told us that we will continue to communicate with ladies we met and with very high probability each of us will marry one of those ladies. Here again I had to pay additional 30 USD for the drinks that were not included in tour price.

In the next 3 days of my stay in Nikolaev I managed to meet with only 2 ladies. Other 3 ladies either did not want to meet or as I was told by my translator – they probably have already found their soulmate.

We exchanged phone numbers with all 5 ladies I met and agreed that we would stay in touch by WhatsApp.

On the last day of my romance trip I met with the girl that I liked the most – gorgeous lady Marina for the second time . We spent a lovely evening in the restaurant where we did not eat much during that evening, but somehow total bill for just 2 of us exceeded 400 US Dollars! That was even more comparing to when translator was joining us and ate quite a lot. It was the only lady who allowed me to kiss her like a man kisses a woman at the end of our dinner. I was very happy after that meeting and really thought something will work out with Marina!

Continued in part 4 of my story…