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Romance Tour to Ukraine – SCAM or a Lifetime Opportunity?

After going on romance tour to Nikolaev the most commonly asked question from men who attended: Is it a lifetime opportunity or scam?

Each year between 10 to 20 men that join a so called Romance Tour to Nikolaev or Kherson contact us for investigation services. Hopefully, some men are suspicious about those tours, so let us open your eyes on such romance tours.

From one detailed investigation we have concluded that with about 98% probability it will not be just scam, but it will be pretty expensive scam! There is though about 2% probability that actual marriage with Ukrainian lady will take place, but we will get back to it a bit later in future posts here.

Oliver – our very good client, who came back home to Chicago in 2016 from Romance Tour to Nikolaev really frustrated. He spent on that romance tour, roundtrip airline tickets between Chicago and Odessa, 11 nights stay in a hotel, roundtrip transfer Odessa – Nikolaev – Odessa a whopping 7700 US Dollars. Additionally 2850 US Dollars were spent on meetings with ladies, restaurants and gifts that his translator recommended to buy to those 5 ladies he was meeting with.

After spending more than 10,000 US Dollars overall Oliver came back to Chicago and none of those ladies expressed desire to communicate with him. Moreover, 3 out of those 5 ladies could not be reached by phone during a whole month – their phones were switched off all the time.

As many men after such tours get disappointed, Oliver has contacted us with suspicions that he had just flushed his hard earned 10,000 bucks down the toilet. He could not understand why despite spending so much money on a tour, restaurants and gifts 3 ladies disappeared and 2 girls did not express desire to talk to him after he left Nikolaev.

When Oliver called several other men that were on the same tour, he found out that many ladies didn’t want to communicate anymore with those men either. Some ladies asked some of those men for material help as suddenly one of their relatives got very sick, or they suddenly lost their job, or their notebook crashed and they needed a new one and so on.

That was a moment when Oliver understood that he and other men from romance tour to Nikolaev were professionally scammed. In addition to that during more in depth consultation we explained briefly the scam scheme in which Oliver could hardly believe. He wanted to find out how exactly he was scammed, who were those ladies in Nikolaev he met as well as interpreters and organizer of that romance event.

We have done a thorough investigation and found out all details of scam as Oliver wanted to understand a complete picture of the scam process. Because he could provide from the very beginning a lot of valuable initial information – our investigation was pretty thorough. Needless to say he was shocked when he received our report!

In 2017 we introduced our anti scam coaching and Oliver enrolled immediately becoming one of first participants. Even though it was not our best coaching version at that time, we should admit Oliver was consuming information like a sponge. Thanks to so many questions asked by Oliver and other participants in 2017, we managed to make our anti scam coaching perfect by 2018.

Oliver has happily married in September 2018 a wonderful woman from Chernomorsk (former Ilyichevsk in Odessa region) and she finally moved to his house in Naperville only three days before Christmas.

Recently Oliver asked us to publish his experience of romance tour to Nikolaev as well as results of investigation we have obtained for him in our Blog. He wishes as many men from all over the world as possible to read about his experience and detailed results of investigation so nobody makes silly expensive mistakes as he did back in 2016.